The wood used to build new instruments is carefully selected for its acoustical, mechanical and aesthetic properties. It is naturally seasoned over several years in order to guarantee a maximum of stability to the instruments.


My work is largely inspired by original instruments which were made by violinmakers of reference from the classical Cremonese school (such as the Amati Family, the Guarneri Family, Stradivari etc.) as well as the Brescian school for the violas (Da Salo, Maggini). Depending on the project, I interpret the model more or less freely, using either a new or an antique finish.


It is possible to commission instruments. For more details, please contact me.

Violin Ch. Dequincey 2016, Del Gesù-Plowden Model (Photo credit: Jean Fitzgerald)
Violin Ch. Dequincey 2016, Guarneri Del Gesù Model (Photo credit: Jean Fitzgerald)
Poplar Cello 2014 © Ch. Dequincey
Poplar Cello Ch. Dequincey 2014
Viola Ch. Dequincey 2011 A.Guarneri Model doc grand
41cm (16-3/16″) Viola Ch. Dequincey 2011, A.Guarneri Model
7-8th violin Ch. Dequincey made for Guy Harrison 2010, A. Amati model
7/8th violin Ch. Dequincey made for Guy Harrison Workshop 2010, A. Amati model
Viola Ch. Dequincey 2011. Maggini model resized
Viola Ch. Dequincey  made for Guy Harrison Workshop 2011, Maggini model
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